Social Media is Out

Before you disagree with me, hear me out. First I must confess. I’m sort of a social media junky. While I don’t live on it, I do believe that it is a very important tool for ministry. So when I say “out” what I mean is that it gets us out of the church box. People are browsing it daily looking for well, whatever they are looking for. Oftentimes we are looking for connection. We are looking for a way to interact with the world around us. Many have argued that social media takes us away from real, face to face relationships. That may be partially true, but…  (more)

2 responses to “Social Media is Out

  1. I can only say that one of the best gatherings I ever attended was an Alpha class where you meet weekly watch a 20 minute video and then have a round table type discussion with a leader to help with that weeks content. I find at times we all have run into the moderator who can overtake the class and the attendees have little input. Understand I as a male was in this 12 week program with about 8 women of which some i knew and some I hopefully would get to know. Well it was one of those things like a good trip or a special camp that was so rewarding inside and out that it was ashamed it came to an end. Well the relationships and and memories of the soul sharing we did will never weaken. I cherish what I learned about my group and myself and I hope you all get a chance to enjoy a similar happening. I leave you with a saying I love and it goes like this. We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. Have a blessed day. Oh BY THE WAY, the leader of that course who allowed us to be ourselves and yet taught us so much was TOM agh Tom somebody , man wait it will come to me,,,,,, oh ya Tom Schwolert. I think about he and Mel and the kids often and I always smile. Have to go now getting weepy lol take care.

    • Mark Vedder…wow, what a great surprise. And what wonderful, kind, insightful words. I will NEVER forget the incredible moments we shared. I may have never told you but you were an inspiration to me too. Thanks for being an important part of my journey.

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